Heat Pump Installation

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Heat Pump Installation

Searching for a new heat pump? You’re getting warmer.

Heat pumps absorb warmth from the air outside (yes, even in winter there is warmth in the air) and transfer it into your home. Since heat pumps transfer heat instead of generating it, they use less energy than furnaces and can be up to four times more efficient than gas and electric heaters.

What some folks may not realize is that heat pumps can also be used to cool your home during the summer by removing heat, similar to how your refrigerator works. The heat pump draws the heat out of your home, sending it into the outdoor air. So heat pumps can be used as a combination heating and cooling system, or to supplement the conventional heating and cooling equipment in your home.


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Breath of fresh air

Heat pumps circulate the air in your home through filters, and in the process, remove dust, odors, and allergens. They do not produce soot, smoke nor fumes while they operate, which means improved air inside your home and reduced emissions in our environment.

Since HVAC technology has greatly improved and older systems lose their efficiency, installing a new, more energy-efficient system makes great economic sense – and make your home more comfortable as well.

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One-stop shopping for two types of heat pumps

Air-source heat pumps are the most commonly installed. There is an indoor unit (air handler) and an outdoor unit (heat pump). A refrigerant circulates between the two units through the tubing, absorbing and releasing heat.

Air-source heat pumps can reduce your heating costs by half over electric furnaces and baseboard heaters. They also dehumidify better than central air conditioners, so your home will be more comfortable in muggier climates.

Split-ductless heat pumps

Split-ductless heat pumps also have two units: an outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air handlers. The indoor units are installed on a wall or ceiling and operated by remote control. They don’t require ductwork, so they are practical for homes without ducts.

If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to know that the high-efficiency ratings and reduced energy use of heat pumps can reduce your carbon footprint.

Want an honest estimate and expert installation? We thought so.

Our professional service technicians can perform a full heat load calculation on your home, and help you choose the heat pump system and size that’s right for you, give you an honest estimate, and make sure your new system is properly installed to work at peak efficiency and save you money every month for years to come.

We have generations of experience with professional heat pump installation. (Improper installation is one of the leading causes of heat pump repair.) Having your heat pump professionally installed and calibrated by King Heating & Air Conditioning can help ensure that it will operate properly and efficiently.

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Discounts for military, first responders, teachers and seniors

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