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Air Conditioning Services. Why simmer in summer? We’ll keep you comfortable.

There’s no doubt that North Carolina summers can be pretty hot, so whether you’re in Sanford, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Cary, or Cameron, you want to make sure your air conditioning is ready and able to keep you comfortable when the days are longer and the temperatures are higher.

When faced with replacing an old, broken, or inefficient air conditioning system, you’ll definitely want to turn to the professionals at King Heating & Air Conditioning. We do it all – repair, install, and maintain all makes and models of central air and HVAC systems.


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We’ll repair your air conditioning and restore your comfort

Air conditioning systems can stop working or functioning correctly from time to time – and often at the most inconvenient time. That’s why you’ll be glad to know we offer 24/7 service with no extra fee for Members, as well as a free diagnostic service call with all repairs. We offer discounts to military, first responders and seniors, too. Just call us anytime day or night, and one of our experienced service technicians will respond with a fully stocked truck. Read more on our air conditioning repair page.

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Air conditioning installation instilled with confidence

If your central air conditioning system is 10 years old or older, it has reached its life expectancy. At this point, it makes a lot of sense to replace your old, inefficient unit with a new, more energy efficient one. This can save you money each month in the long run, because newer units run much more efficiently. Read more on our air conditioning installation page. We are an authorized dealer, but we sell all makes and models.

Air conditioning maintenance to maintain your comfort level

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will help ensure it’s in good working order and running efficiently, and it can also extend its life. Twice a year is the ideal maintenance schedule: once in the Spring before the warm weather, and again in the Fall after your unit is no longer in use. Read more on our air conditioning maintenance page, including our annual maintenance plan.

Central air conditioning systems. All systems go.

Central air conditioning systems are how most homeowners cool and heat their homes. They include both outdoor and indoor components, connected by a series of ducts. Although central air conditioning systems are a large investment, they are extremely efficient and effective, and can last as many as 20 years with the proper maintenance.

If your house has a central air conditioning system, cooled and heated air is regulated by the same thermostat and flows through the same ducts. When your air conditioner is on, electric power is used to cool a gas in a coil to its liquid state. The warm air in your home is cooled by contact with the cooling coil, and this cooled air is channeled to your rooms through ducts and out-registers. When your system malfunctions, any of these three components could be the problem.

A dozen smart reasons to count on King for your AC & Heating needs:
  • Reliable service and honest estimates from true professionals
  • Highly trained repair technicians 
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured 
  • Diagnostic service calls free with all repairs
  • 24/7 service with no extra fee for Members
  • Discounts for military, seniors and first responders, police, and firefighters 
  • We sell and service all makes of air conditioning and HVAC systems
  • An authorized dealer of air conditioning and HVAC systems 
  • Serving residential homeowners and light commercial businesses
  • Family owned and operated by veterans
  • Six generations with a proud tradition of service since 1895
  • Financing with affordable payments and no money down

Cool facts about heat pumps

Despite its name, a heat pump performs double duty. In addition to heating air, it also cools it. During the hot summer months, it extracts the heat from the air inside your home. In winter, it pulls heat from the outside air and uses it to warm the air inside.

Types of heat pumps

Heat pumps can be split or packaged. If it is split, the evaporator coil is housed in a metal cabinet inside your home, while the rest of the unit is outside in a separate cabinet. With a packaged unit, the entire heat pump is housed outside.

Heat pumps can typically last 20 years and are the most energy-efficient way to cool (and heat) your home. Heat pumps do not actually create heat, as furnaces and boilers do. Instead, they simply transfer heat from one area to another. 

Heat pumps are more efficient

Since they do not create heat, they use less energy than furnaces and boilers. Heat pumps can be up to four times more efficient than gas and electric heaters. The heat pump absorbs warmth from outdoor air (even in winter, there is an abundance of warmth in the air outside) and transfers it into your home. 

What you may not realize is that heat pumps can also be used to cool your home during the summer by removing heat, similar to how your refrigerator works. The heat pump draws the heat out of your home, sending it into the outdoor air. 

Heat pumps are versatile

Heat pumps can be used as a combination heating and cooling system, or to supplement the conventional heating and cooling equipment in your home. Heat pumps circulate the air in your home through filters, and in the process, remove dust, odors, and allergens. They do not produce soot, smoke or fumes while they operate, which means improved air inside your home and reduced emissions in our environment.

Since heat pumps have fewer working parts, they require heat pump repair service less often than traditional units. Heat pump replacement is also required less frequently than with a traditional heating unit.

Some more schooling on heating and cooling

We are committed to educating our customers about all that’s involved in heating and cooling their homes. We believe the better educated they are, the more they will appreciate the accurate diagnosis, and thorough repairs our knowledgeable and conscientious technicians perform. 

While AC is obviously short for air conditioning, HVAC is short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Ventilation mainly refers to the exhausts over your kitchen stove and in your bathroom, as well as for your clothes dryer.

All climate-control systems consist of three components: a source of warmed or cooled air such as an air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, ductwork to distribute the air to the rooms in your home, and a thermostat to regulate the system. 

We sell and service and more

While we are an authorized dealer of air conditioning and HVAC systems, we sell and service all makes and models. We also do heat pump and furnace repairs and installations, and duct cleaning and replacement in every town we serve, including Sanford, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Cary, and Cameron.

So whatever your air conditioning or heating needs, count on King Air Conditioning & Heating, pros in the business since 1895.

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